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With the enactment of the Georgia Crime Victims Bill of Rights in 1995, individuals impacted by violent crime are afforded specific services to enable them to take steps toward restoration. Through the district attorney offices in each of the 49 Georgia judicial circuits and the solicitor general offices in 27 of the 159 counties, victim-witness personnel are mandated and available to guide these individuals through what can be a confusing, complicated judicial process. For information about the program in Habersham county, contact the Victim Assistance Program at the District Attorney's Office (706)839-0370.

The office of the district attorney or solicitor-general for each circuit or county can provide you with more information for areas they cover. 

The Georgia Crime Victims’ Bill of Rights gives individuals who are victims of crime certain specific rights under the law.  Victims have the right to be notified of:

  • Arrest of the accused

  • Availability of victim service programs

  • Availability of compensation for victims of violent crime

  • Any court hearings where release of the accused will be considered

  • Release of the accused

  • Court proceedings during prosecution of the case

  • Motion for new trial or appeal dates

  • Parole or change of status of the defendant, if you request this in writing


You Have the Right to:

  • Express your opinion on the release of the accused pending court proceedings

  • Express your views on the outcome of the case prior to plea negotiations or sentencing of the accused

  • Complete a Victim Impact Statement


If you are threatened or intimidated by the offender, please immediately contact the Sheriff's Office to make a report. For immediate assistance, dial 911. If there is an arrest, you can be informed of criminal proceedings. If the defendant (accused) is convicted and sent to prison and you want to be notified of parole or want to express your opinions prior to a parole decision. Also, if the defendant is sentenced to prison and you want to know of any change in his/her status while in prison (such as furlough, work release, escape), contact the Department of Corrections in Atlanta. The Victim Assistance Program can assist you with any of this communication.



Habersham County DA's Office         (706)839-0370

Habersham County Sheriff                (706)839-0500

Domestic Violence Shelter and Counseling

Circle of Hope                                      (706)776-4673  or  (800)334-2836

Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Counseling

FAITH                                                   (706)782-1003  or  (888)782-1338

Sexual Assault Counseling

Rape Response                                   (706)839-7273  or  (800)721-1999

Child Advocacy Center

Powerhouse 4 Kids                             (706)886-2290

Free Legal Assistance

Georgia Legal Services                       (800)754-5717

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