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There are multiple methods for obtaining the release of an individual incarcerated in the Habersham

County Detention center. The act requires an individual to ensure the appearance of the arrested

individual for all court appearances until adjudication. The obligating individual is known as the Surety.

The individual being release from custody is referred to as the Principal. All bonding transactions take

place in the Lobby of the Habersham County Detention Center. There are Four different options to bond

someone out of the Habersham County Detention Center:

If you use a professional bonding company, they will charge you a percentage of the total bond. That is the fee they charge for signing the bond. There are Five bonding companies approved by Sheriff Terrell to sign bonds in Habersham County. Approved Bonding Companies are as follows:

1st Choice (706)754-2629 or (888)837-1510

Easy Out (706)776-6661 or (800)848-9242

Kwik Bond (706)754-9999 or (800)413-2663

24/7 Fly Free (706)768-0894 or (706)200-8430

To sign a property bond, you must own the property and it must be located in Habersham County. When you come to sign the bond you must bring that year's tax assessment papers and a photo identification card. The only subject that can sign the bond is the subject whose name is on the tax assessment papers. If more than one subject own the property, both subjects must be present to sign the bond. The assessed value of your property must be enough to cover the bond in question, not the fair market value. Once the bonded subject is totally finished with his/her case, then your property will be released from that bond. If the bonded subject does not show up for his/her court date, a lien will be placed on your property. 



You may now bond a friend or family member with your credit or debit card from the convenience of your computer, phone or other device with internet access. Once you submit your credit card/debit card information to Cash Bond Online, your payment is forwarded to the Detention Center.                   

To submit a Bond online use the link below or call 1(888)726-6301 to use the online service. 


We do accept transfer bonds from other counties in the state of Georgia. The bond must be approved through the county's Sheriff's Office where the property is located. Once the bond is signed, the other county will seal it in an envelope that must be hand delivered to the Habersham County Detention Center by the person who signed the bond no later than Midnight on the same date it was signed. The person signing the bond must also bring a photo identification card with them when they deliver the sealed bond to our Detention Center. Transfer bonds have the same stipulations as a property bond.


A $20.00 (Cash Only) Sheriff's Bonding Fee will be collected with each Bond with exception to Municipal Bonds.







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