Inmate Visitation


Inmate visitation is held at the Habersham County Detention Center on scheduled days (See Schedule below). All visitors, prior to visiting an inmate at the Detention Center, must be put on the inmate’s visitation list by the inmate, and then the list has to be approved by Detention Center staff.

All visitors must have identification to be presented at the time of the visit and must not wear any clothing that is considered provocative. Children visiting must be accompanied by an adult, or they will not be permitted to visit. If the visitation rules are not followed by the visitor, the inmate will not be permitted to visit, or the visit will be terminated by Detention staff.



Visitation Schedule Saturday



Saturday Male Visitation

Inmates with the last names beginning with A through M

1300 Hrs. To 1500 Hrs.



Saturday Females Visitation D Block & B Block

Inmates with the last names beginning with A through M

1500 Hrs. To 1600 Hrs.



Inmates in Protective Custody C Block

1600 Hrs. To 1630 Hrs.



Visitation Schedule Sunday



Sunday Male Visitation

Inmates with the last names beginning with N through Z

1300 Hrs. To 1500 Hrs.



Sunday Females Visitation D Block & B Block

Inmates with the last names beginning with N through Z

1500 Hrs. to 1600 Hrs.



Inmates in Protective Custody C Block

1600 Hrs. To 1630 Hrs.



An attorney may visit any time.


Clergy should contact Jail administration to schedule an appointment. (Lt. Chastain or Capt. Hendrix)



Visitation Rules


All inmates, with the exception of those who have lost their visiting privileges through the disciplinary process, will be allowed to schedule one (1) visit weekly with a duration of 20 minutes.



A maximum of two (2) adults or children age 18 or older may visit an inmate at one time. Minor children age 18 and under may accompany adults as space permits. Visitors under the age of 18 are required to be accompanied by a parent or guardian during the visit. At no time will facility staff be permitted to supervise any visitor’s children.



Visitors will not be allowed to bring handbags, purses, bags, cameras, cell phones, or other recording devices into the Detention Facility.


Visitors will not be allowed to bring food or drinks into the Detention Facility



Visitors should check with the staff for approval to bring any items not mentioned above into the Detention Facility. Failure to do so could result in confiscation of the items or criminal charges.



Proper attire will be required for all visitors. Inappropriate clothing such as halter tops, swimwear, revealing clothing, see-through clothing, sleepwear, or any other clothing that may be deemed unacceptable will not be permitted. The Detention Staff will advise a visitor if their clothing is unacceptable.



Visitors who appear to be under the influence of any intoxicant or display unruly behavior will not be permitted to visit and are subject to arrest.



Visitors will be required to submit to a search of their person by Detention Facility staff. Searches may be conducted by electronic means, physical pat down, or both. Failure or refusal to submit to a search of his/her person will result in denial of visitation.



Visitors are required to proceed directly to the visitation room upon entering the Detention Facility. Visitors must remain at the room at all times until the conclusion of their visit and will not be allowed to wander around the facility.



Visitors and inmates are required to display appropriate behavior during visits. Vulgar language is not permitted.


Visitors are required to leave the visitation area upon announcement of the end of the visitation period or at any time as directed by a member of the Detention staff. Loitering in visitation corridors is not permitted.



Visitors are not permitted in any other area of the Detention Center without a staff escort.



VALID GOVERNMENT ISSUED PHOTO ID REQUIRED: A valid government-issued photo ID is required to be shown by visitors, age 16 and above, before visitation will be allowed. Acceptable ID’s are state-issued drives license or ID Card, military ID card, or passport, etc.



SPECIAL VISITS: Requests for special visits outside established schedules must be approved by Captain Hendrix or Lt. Chastain



TERMINATION OR DENIAL OF VISIT: Visits may be terminated or denied for violation of the visitation rules by visitors or inmates or when there is a reason to believe the visit may not be in the best interest of the security and welfare of the Detention Center. In the event of an emergency situation or condition, visitation may be modified, restricted or canceled until further notice



Inmate Commissary Accounts



All inmates of the Detention Center have commissary accounts and are permitted to purchase items from the Detention Centers Commissary. Persons wishing to put money in an inmate’s account may do so during visitation. We now have a Kiosk cash machine where money can be placed on an inmate’s account at the detention center 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Inmate Mail

Inmates may write and receive correspondence. Incoming mail must have the inmate’s name above or below the mailing address and must have a complete return address including the full name of the sender. Postage, paper, and envelopes are provided to the inmates through commissary.


Mailing Address:

1000 Detention Drive
Clarkesville, Ga. 30523



Cell blocks are equipped with collect telephones. Inmates may use these phones from 6:00 am until 11:00 pm daily.



Call the detention center in case of emergency and ask to speak to the watch commander.

Inmates cannot receive calls or messages.


Religious Service:

These services are for the inmates only and will be held each Sunday determined by the Detention Center



Bonds and Bond type

If the offense is bondable and all the requirements are met, a bond may be made at any time.


Cash bond: The full amount may be posted in cash or money order.



Property bond: Person posting property bond must own property in Habersham County, and the bond amount does not exceed the amount of equity in said property an their name appears in the tax books of Habersham County, or they have current tax statement in their name. Picture ID is required.



Out of County: Property owners must go to the Sheriff’s Office of the county where the property is located and return with a sealed bond. You must have information about the court, court date and time, charges, and the amounts of the bonds.


Professional bondsman: Arrangements must be made between the two parties.



Bonding Companies


Just In Time Bonding



1st Choice



Easy Out



Kwik Bond



24/7 Fly Free



To pay a cash bond with a Credit Card or Debit Card: 1-888-726-6301 or



Inmate Property

Habersham County Detention Center will issue jail uniforms to include socks, underwear, t-shirts, and bras and jail shoes. Personal hygiene items must be purchased through the inmate commissary.


Medications or special needs items must be approved by the medical staff.



Court clothes are accepted for jury trials or by written request of his/her attorney. These clothes must be picked up immediately after court.


Property remaining at the detention center after 10 days and property of an inmate who has been found guilty or is a state inmate will be disposed of. Property may be picked up between the hours of 8:00 am to 2:00 pm Monday-Friday.


Please call Officer Jones to schedule an appointment to pickup an inmates property prior to coming to the Office. Officer Jones can be reached at (706)839-0505. The inmate must sign a property release form prior to any property being released. If the inmate is housed at another jail, you will need to make contact with that jail about having the inmate sign a property release form. Once the inmate signs the release, it will need to be sent to Officer Jones by fax at (706)754-1932 or by email at



Property dropped off for an inmate must be approved by the property officer before it is brought to the jail. The only exception to this is a softback bible, and it will be accepted 24 hours a day.



Inmates are required to have one set of street clothes at the facility when released or transferred.