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Visiting a family member or friend within the Detention Center is an important way to maintain connections during incarceration and enhances the inmate's success both while in the jail and after release. The Habersham County Sheriff's Office recognizes the importance of visitation and encourages families and friends to visit as often as their circumstances allow. However, strict guidelines are in place and must be followed for the safety and security of the Detention Center. 

The Habersham County Sheriff's Office provides a two-way, real-time video visitation system (HomeWav) which can be used to speak to your loved ones directly in their housing location within the Detention Center. 

Inmate Visitation is a privilege. Inmates who become disciplinary problems or security risks will not be allowed to receive visitors (other than legal visits). The Jail Administration reserve the right to deny admission to any person requesting to visit any inmate. Inmate visitation is subject to postponement or cancellation due to jail emergencies or administrative reasons. 

All visitors are asked to be courteous and considerate of others while you are visiting. Visitors should maintain a low tone of conversation while in the lobby. Proper attire is required. No low-cut blouses, tank tops, short skirts, short dresses, tight-fitting pants or shirts, or any other form of provocative dress will be allowed. Ladies blouses must have sleeves. Shirts must not expose midriff when sitting down. Jail Administration reserve the right to deny admission to any person requesting to visit any inmate.

A visitor may video with an Inmate using the HomeWav system at any time that Inmate is our of their cell. Both the Visitor and the Inmate must be logged into HomeWav in order to meet. HomeWav also offers an App for you Smart Phone Device.

- All visitors are monitored and are subject to search and recording.

- Only those scheduled to visit will be allowed to visit with an inmate. 

- Proper attire is required at all times. Shoes and shirts must be worn; suggestive clothing, see-through fabrics, halter or tube tops,        short shorts and mini-skirts will not be permitted. 

- Use of cell phones or any other electronic recording devises are prohibited inside the visitation area.

- Smoking, eating and drinking are not permitted in the visitation area.

- Loud talking, excessive emotionalism or any type of disruptive or suggestive behavior will not be permitted in the visiting area.              Respect other visitors at all times.

- Do not damage or deface visiting booths or phones. Immediate termination of your visit will occur.

Violation of any of the above regulations may result in the immediate cancellation of the visit and/or suspension of future visitation privileges. Visitors please be aware of the dress code for visiting the facility which also applies when engaging in a video visitation. 

All conversations will be monitored and actions will be taken on any and all violations. Violations may include but are not limited to:

- Any discussion of trafficking of any nature.

- Any threat of any nature toward anyone.

- Any discussions concerning unauthorized financial transactions.

- Any discussion or displays involving any Security Threat Group.

- Improperly dressed (whether it is the visitor or the offender).

- Making any sexual gestures of any kind.

- Gambling of any kind.

- Operating a business or any business transactions of any kind.

The Habersham County Detention Center may restrict anyone who violates the above mentioned policies or any other policies that may be incorporated whether it is the visitor, the offender or both parties.

In an effort to curb the introduction of drugs into the Detention Center, Habersham County Detention Center has updated their system for sending mail to inmates. All inmate mail will be sent to a central processing facility, NOT the jail where an inmate is housed. At this processing facility, mail will be opened, scanned, and sent electronically/emailed to the inmate at the jail facility. All Personal Inmate mail shall be mailed to the following address utilizing existing jail facility mail rules: - Habersham County Detention Center

Inmate Name/ Inmate Number

925B Peachtree St. NE, Box 2062

Atlanta, GA 30309



Legal mail shall be mailed directly to the jail facility. All legal mail must be sent by a legally approved entity/ Attorney of Record. 

Business documents must be mailed directly to the jail facility. These include Checks, Passports, Deposit Slips, Birth Certificates, Social Security Cards, Driver's License, Alien Registration Card/Green Card, Welfare Card, Medical Card, School Diplomas or Personal Identification Cards. To mail official documents use this address:


Attn: Jail Administration- Inmate Name/Inmate Number

Habersham County Detention Center

1000 Detention Drive,

Clarkesville, GA 30523

Official documents sent directly to the institution will not be delivered to the inmate, rather will be transferred to the jail administration and placed in the inmate's property. Any general inmate correspondence for the inmate included with offical documents will be destroyed. Official documents received at facility will be forwarded to Habersham County Detention Center for proper distribution. 




For transactions that require the inmate to sign or otherwise enter information on an original in order to carry out a transaction (i.e. endorsing a check, transferring a vehicle title, etc.) the original document must be mailed as follows:


Attn: Jail Administration - Inmate Name/Inmate Number

Habersham County Detention Center

1000 Detention Drive

Clarkesville, GA 30523

The Jail Administration will coordinate a time for the inmate to review, sign documents if desired and pay to have the document mailed out of the facility. Any general inmate correspondence for the inmate included with transactional documents will be destroyed and inmates will not be permitted to keep original documentation sent through this process.




The following items are not accepted through the mail:

Bulk Packages, Cash, Pornographic Material, No more than 10 Photographs, and Correspondence from other Detention Facilities. Suspicious or questionable mail will be returned, while packages that contain contraband will be seized. 

All inmates are permitted to send and receive mail. Mail can be sent to anyone EXCEPT: victims of your crime, co-defendants, current or former Jail employees, current or former contract employees, current or former volunteers, anyone who has an active Order of Protection from Abuse Order against the inmate that prohibits such contact. 

Inmates are allowed to use the PayTel telephone system at this facility. Persons who experience trouble accepting calls from an inmate or have questions about their bills may contact PayTel at 1(800)729-8355. 

If you have a question regarding the Visitation Policy, please contact the Detention Center at (706)839-0500. If you have questions concerning a release date, bail amount, sentence information or have other inmate related inquiries, you may call the Detention Center at any time. 

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