S.R.T. Unit

In today’s age every law enforcement agency at one time or another will be faced with an emergency or critical incident with greater risk and a higher potential for the loss of life. These  incidents may involve confrontations with armed, barricaded suspects, the rescue of hostages or injured people, and there are many more scenarios. With this in mind Sheriff Joey Terrell in 2013 created a S.R.T.  Unit (Special Response Team) consisting of a group of carefully selected deputies who are trained with special weapons and tactics. This elite team continuously trains to ensure they are up to date of the latest tactics and the physically requirements. They are committed to a controlled, rapid response to high risk situations in order to gain control and minimize the risk of death or injury to any person. Team members approach their duties with a high level of confidence, motivation, flexibility, and patience. They are committed to the safe resolution of all high risk situations and will approach each situation in a professional and controlled manner, with an emphasis on a negotiated resolution.

Comprised of more than 15 members, the S.R.T. Unit assists in the execution of high-risk arrest and search warrants, hostage rescue situations, barricaded armed individuals, and other high risk situations. The S.R.T. Unit is on a constant 24-hour standby. The Crisis Negotiations Team is a separate unit made up of patrol and a investigative deputy who work hand in hand with the S.R.T. Unit. Law Enforcement agencies requesting assistance from the Habersham County Sheriff’s Office S.R.T. Unit should contact the Lt. Matt Wurtz at 706-839-0500 or by email mwurtz@habershamga.com

Since the formation of the  S.R.T. Unit just their presence of highly trained, highly skilled tactical unit has been shown to substantially reduce the risk of injury or loss of life to citizens, deputies and suspects.