Explorers Post 510

Do you know of a career seeking 14 - 21 year old? Sheriff Joey Terrell is proud to offer our youth an understanding of the Law Enforcement profession, while actually going through the same training and work with the same gear that our deputies utilize on a daily basis. The Habersham County Sheriff's Office Explorers program teaches our young people skills that could help them become our next generation of leaders in upholding the law and keeping the peace in the hills of Habersham County.

Our Explorers will take part in building clearing, basic self-defense, training on the tools of our trade, understanding Georgia Law, evidence collection, traffic direction and much more. Plus, there will be ample opportunities for the youth to assist the Sheriff's Office with events like the upcoming festivals and parades... AND, they will all be wearing our snazzy uniforms, in the process!
For more information on how to sign up, email
paul@habershmschools.org. You may also get general info on the list of additional opportunities available to youth through www.exploring.org.

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