Criminal Investigations

Our investigators are tasked with investigating reports of criminal acts. Their primary areas of focus are on personal and property crimes. Investigators of the Habersham County Sheriff's Office work in preventing crime and pursuing a measure of justice for the present victims of crime. Once a case is assigned to an investigator, the following steps may include: Locating and interviewing witnesses, attempting to find and recover stolen property, gathering forensic evidence from crime scenes, interviewing and interrogating criminal suspects, obtaining any necessary warrants, apprehending individuals involved in criminal activity and any other legal means to accomplish the mission at hand. Investigators then compile and organize this information before presenting it to the courts for prosecution.


Criminal Investigations Division Units: 

If you need to speak with an investigator assigned to your case, please call our main office during normal business hours or the non-emergency dispatch line (after hours) and ask to speak with an on-call supervisor.