Message from Sheriff Terrell and Emergency Services Director Chad Black - "Wash Your Hands!"



UPDATED 4-16-20 AT 5:00 PM

Habersham County continues to monitor the effects of COVID-19 and will make changes to our operations as needed in response to the pandemic.


  • Administration Building: The Elections and Voter Registration office is open for voter registration; all other departments have limited public access to lobby areas only (unless there is an appointment) with a maximum of two people allowed in any lobby at a time. Handwashing before entering the Administration Building is required.

  • Airport Terminal Building: The Airport Terminal building is open with limited public access. Handwashing before conducting business is required.

  • Animal Shelter/Animal Care and Control: The Animal Shelter is restricted to Animal Care and Control employees only until further notice. Please call 706-839-0195 for assistance. CLICK HERE to schedule pet adoptions. Call 911 for EMERGENCIES ONLY.

  • Aquatic Center/Parks and Recreation: The Aquatic Center, Gymnastics Center, and all fields are closed to the public until further notice. Rentals and/or activities scheduled before April 27 have been cancelled and given the opportunity to reschedule or refund.

  • All Parks and Recreation programs are suspended beginning March 14. Spring Basketball, Volleyball, Track and Field, and Gymnastics are postponed until April 27. Habersham Little League is postponed until April 27. Habersham County Church Softball League is postponed until April 20. Rapids Futbol Club is postponed until April 30. Youth Football and Cheerleading registration began April 1, please email or call to register remotely. Please contact or 706-839-0234 for assistance.

  • Commission Meetings: All Board of Commissioners meetings will be held via teleconference until further notice. Please check Public Notices under the "Be In The Know" section on the home page of, for meeting notices and dial-in

  • Courthouse/Superior Court: The Courthouse is open. Courts have been closed for jury trials, jury service, calendar calls, arraignments, and motions calendars until further notice. Superior Court operations have been scaled back for 30 days beginning March 15. Juries and Grand Jury are cancelled for 30 days beginning March 15. Accountability Courts are no longer having in-person contact in the offices but can be reached at 706-839-0345. Leave a voicemail and the call will be returned from a blocked number. Please call the Clerk of Court at 706-839-0300 or the Courthouse Security Desk at 706-839-0568 for assistance.

  • Elections: The March 24, 2020 Presidential Preference Primary and May 19, 2020 General Election Primary have been rescheduled for June 9, 2020. The Secretary of State has mailed absentee ballot request forms to all Georgia voters. Please contact 706-839-0170 for assistance.

  • Emergency Services: Stations are restricted from public and non-essential access until further notice. Anyone wishing to enter a fire station must first call 706-778-3911.

  • Facilities Maintenance: The Facilities Maintenance building is restricted from public and non-essential access until further notice. Please contact 706-839-0166 or 706-839-0167 for assistance.

  • Fleet Maintenance: The Fleet Maintenance building is restricted from public and non-essential access until further notice. Please contact 706-839-0187 for assistance.

  • Probate Court: Acceptance of Weapons Carry License and Renewal Weapons Carry License Applications is temporarily suspended. Renewal deadlines that become due during the Emergency Period will not expire and deadlines will be extended 30 days. Please contact 706-839-0320 for assistance.

  • Public Defender’s Office: The Public Defender’s office is restricted from public access until further notice. Please contact 706-839-0360 for assistance.

  • Senior Center/Senior Wellness Center: The Senior Center building is restricted from public access through May 1, 2020. In-House Congregate Meals will be closed, but the Meals-on-Wheels program will continue to operate as normal and will include congregate clients who normally receive meals in-house. Staff will assist clients with other needs. The Senior Center Wellness building and programs are temporarily closed through May 1, 2020. Please contact 706-839-0260 for assistance.

  • Transit: Public Transit is operating as usual. Priority is given to trips to pharmacies, grocery stores, and medical appointments. Physical separation is required. Transit operates from 7am to 4pm Monday through Friday. Please contact 706-839-0167 for assistance.

  • Tag Office: Beginning Thursday April 2, 2020, the Tag Office/Tax Commissioner lobby is restricted from public and non-essential access until further notice. Customers must use the drive-through window for service. Please contact 706-839-0120 for assistance.

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Visit the CDC online for more information