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Child Internet Safety
In a recent national survey one out of seven children, ages 10 through 17 receive some-type of online sexual solicitation.
Online Safety Rules for Parents:
1. The best place for a family computer would be the family room: Not a child's room or remote area of the home.
2. Parents should post easy to read house rules on or near the computer monitor and supervise your child’s online activity.  (Also purchase software that can monitor your children’s online activities).
3. Don’t give out personal information online that can lead to your identity.
4. The child’s screen name and profile shouldn’t reveal their name and age.  (This gives Internet predators’ potential identifying information on the child)
5. Sit down with your child and learn who they have been communicating with online and have them show you how their accessing the different web sites and or chat rooms.
Additional source for Information is available from the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children
www.ncmec.org or www.netsmartz.org or www.missingkids.com
If the public wants to report Internet online crimes, they can contact the Habersham County Sheriff's Office Criminal Investigation Division directly or www.cybertipline.org .  This is run by the National Center and all local leads are sent to the Habersham County Sheriff's Office.
If anyone would like an Internet Safety presentation for their community they may contact Investigator Richard Stein or Investigator Andrew Scott of the Habersham County Sheriff's Office by calling (706) 839-1724

Safe Surfing for You and Your Children

Spend time "surfing" the Net with your child. Encourage them to explore the healthy, creative opportunities offered by access.

Make use of parental control features. If your service provider doesn't already offer them, a variety of aftermarket programs are available quite inexpensively and will allow you to block out pornographic, obscene, or violent content. Some of the more popular programs are CyberSitter , CyberSnoop , Internet Filter , Microsoft Plus 4 Kids , NetNanny , NetRated , PlanetWeb , Surf Watch , X-Stop , NetParents

Make sure your computer is in a public place in the house. An area heavily trafficked will not provide much opportunity to hide what your child may be doing, and will give you a chance to step in and correct any problems.

It's a good idea to restrict both the amount of time and the time of day you allow your children on the Internet. Late nights often mean not only a slower connection due to typically heavier traffic, but also more adults and less children using these systems. Overly long hours spent on-line aren't healthy either, as this causes vision problems and discourages exercise and social interaction.

Carefully watch your children's "chat-room" discussions. While they may find someone on-line that genuinely shares their interests and hobbies, there have been a number of cases where predators have targeted children through the Internet. Severely limiting or even blocking access to chat-rooms is probably a good idea.

Review history logs kept by your computer. These can tell you what sites your child has been accessing and even record your child's chat-room conversations. This can provide valuable warning if your child should be approached by a predatory personality.

Teach your children not to send personal data such as phone numbers, house address, school name, or photographs of themselves over the Internet. Anytime someone asks them for this kind of information, make sure they know to tell you.

Don't ever allow your children to go to meet someone they befriend "on-line" alone. Make sure you have a chance to talk to their "cyber-buddies" first and even talk to the friend's parents. If the person is an adult, be very wary. Make sure you know who they are and what they do for a living, as well as why they want to meet your child in person.

If anyone would like an Internet Safety presentation for their community they may contact Investigator Richard Stein or Investigator Andrew Scott of the Habersham County Sheriff's Office by calling (706) 839-1724



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